African Development Indicators 2000

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Consequently, we were limited to data and the numbers available and this may be frustrating not to give a complete panorama of this interesting subject. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

  • African Development Indicators 2000: Drawn from World Bank Africa Database.
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BMC Public Health. Published online Nov Abdesslam Boutayeb 1. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Abdesslam Boutayeb: am.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Table 1 Human Development Index [ 2 ]. Norway Libya Togo 2. Iceland Australia Malaysia Zambia 4.

Richest Country Comparison

Malawi 5. Congo 6. Canada Tunisia Mozambique 7. Burundi 8. United States South Africa Ethiopia 9.


Botswana Central African Rep. Morocco Gabon Burkina Faso Namibia Mali Sierra Leone Mauritius Swaziland Open in a separate window. Table 2 HD rank evolution of ten African countries [ 2 ]. Table 3 Main causes of mortality due to infectious diseases, in million [ 5 ]. Disease Deaths per year millions Respiratory infections 3. Figure 1. Table 5 Mozambique: comparison of regional and national HIV prevalence rates [ 12 ]. Year Region South Table 7 Benin: HIV prevalence and life expectancy and education indices in different regions [ 15 ].

Figure 2. Figure 3. Table 11 The Millennium Project [ 22 ]. Reduce extreme poverty and hunger by half relative to 1. Poverty and economic development 2.

African Development Indicators 2000: Drawn from World Bank Africa Database

Achieve universal primary education 2. Hunger 3. Education and gender equality 4. Reduce child mortality by two-thirds relative to 4. Child and maternal health 5. Improve maternal health, including reducing maternal mortality by three-quarters relative to 5. Environmental sustainability 7. Ensure environment sustainability 7.

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Water and sanitation 8. Develop a global partnership for development 8. Improving the lives of slum dwellers 9. Trade Science, technology, and innovation. Figure 4. Impact on education and knowledge acquisition As stressed in the MDGs, education is essential for human development and needs to be enhanced especially in low- and medium-income countries.

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Percentage in school West: 9 countries Central: 6 countries Eastern: 9 countries Southern: 10 countries All: 34 countries Non-orphan 67 75 70 88 74 Orphan 58 69 54 84 69 Double orphan 57 58 49 80 64 Ratio double vs. Figure 5. Limitations of our search We are aware of the importance of the topic considered in this paper and the necessity to deal with it seriously and precisely.

Competing interests The author declares that they have no competing interests. References UNPD. The Human Development Indices. United Nations Development Programme. Human development report office. Human Development reports. Boutayeb A, Serghini M.

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Heath indicators and human development in the Arab region. International Journal of Health Geographics. This is broadly in line with the decline in economic activity in the South African economy. The country has witnessed massive job losses in the recent months. It seems that the decline itself may have slowed down further during In short, these figures indicate that since significant improvements were made with regard to reducing poverty.

Both the distribution of social grants as well as an improvement in the labour market, have significantly improved the income levels of especially the poor. However these were not enough to dent income inequality. The current economic slow-down is likely to lead to deterioration in the poverty indicators.

They are mainly rural based and quite complex in nature. There is however a pattern of increasing mortality, especially among the young. Most calculations suggest a stabilisation of the trend in recent years. As a baseline, mathematics passes and mathematics literacy passes were recorded in During the April elections Of the registered voters, This is an indication of high public interest in the recently held elections. Trend-wise, though the crime levels in general have continued to decline, they nevertheless continue to be unacceptably high.