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The Beguiled

When he was silent, I knew he was conceiving some surprise in the shape of a new fruit, or a new view to beguile me. That was apparently a short walk to our distant home, for there was abundant conversation and debate to beguile the way.

I had in this way rest for a day, and somewhat to beguile the time. Nearby words begot , begotten , begrime , begrudge , begrudgery , beguile , beguiling , beguin , beguine , begum , begun. Origin of beguile First recorded in —, beguile is from the Middle English word bigilen.

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See be- , guile. Though closed off from the encroaching chaos of the Civil War, the institution is decaying as a result of most of its students fleeing.

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That film is a sweaty, undeniably sexist tale of women run amok; Coppola, unsurprisingly, has a more careful, considered take on the gender dynamics at play. What she captures perfectly, however, is the chess-like power struggle behind the genteel conversations and innocent flirtations.

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For Coppola who has wisely cast Colin Farrell , the same cannot be said. Still, the setup and plotting of the two films are largely similar. But Martha a steely, poised Nicole Kidman rules that the Christian thing to do is to help him convalesce before turning him over to the Confederate troops, and thus he is admitted to the house.

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As John, Farrell is having the time of his life, getting to play off both the movie-star charisma that launched him into Hollywood, and his more aggressive, frightening side that has made him such an underrated character actor for the last decade.