Ever Present Danger (Phantom Hollow Series)

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Jun 30, Mrs. Mendiola rated it really liked it. I had first gone to the Library and checked out the second book in this series, not realizing it WAS a series! Got a few pages in and had to rush back to the library to switch to this one! Anyway, I loved the book. I love that Herman has found a way to mix suspense, joy, addiction, greiving, scripture, and redemption all in one book, and has done it amazingly so.

Usually writers who attempt this leave a lot to be desired.. But, this book does I had first gone to the Library and checked out the second book in this series, not realizing it WAS a series!

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But, this book does not dissapoint! Great for teens and adults alike. But, it has a great message. The relationships she paints on her pages are ones that are easily relatable to the reader. I could see parts of everyone I know including myself! Herman's got you pulling for Ivy from day one, but wanting to slap her Ivy for some of the choices you fear she will make.

I kept finding myself saying, "Ivy no! Don't even think about it!!!!

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I can't wait to dig in! Oh, and my 12 year old daughter read it too she's a GREAT reader and loved it, and can't wait to read the 2nd one.

Oct 06, C. Very enjoyable. Well written and kept my interest throughout. Even though I was able to figure out who the bad guy was early on, it didn't ruin the story at all. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Jun 04, Ashley Raines rated it it was amazing. Very good story!! Plus the biblical reference could really help someone who feels like ivy.

Oct 20, Darinda rated it liked it Shelves: own , mystery-thriller , christian-fiction , series. Ivy Griffith's life is forever altered her senior year of high school after watching her boyfriend and his friends kill a classmate. They make a pact to never tell anyone what happened, and Ivy leaves town after graduating.

She ends up having drug problems and becomes estranged from her family. Now, ten years later, Ivy needs help and returns home to her parents. Ivy has a young son and no longer does drugs. After returning home, the past she ran away from comes back to haunt her, and endangers Ivy Griffith's life is forever altered her senior year of high school after watching her boyfriend and his friends kill a classmate. After returning home, the past she ran away from comes back to haunt her, and endangers her and the others involved with the pact they once made.

The mystery part was entertaining, but I mostly lost interest in this book as the story progressed. The first half was good, but the last part went downhill for me. I do plan on reading more by this author, but I'm not sure if I'll stick with other books in this series. Good for fans of Christian fiction mysteries.

Phantom Hollow Series

Nov 11, Aimee Berg rated it liked it Shelves: christian-fiction-books , Ivy Griffith witnessed a murder when she was eighteen and made a pact with the murderer not to say anything. But when she returns to her hometown many years later, she is going to have to tell the truth eventually. After there is another murder, Ivy realizes that she is in more danger than she ever thought. Good writing, easy to read. So now the ghost is married! Giry to the inspector, who, standing behind the box-keeper, was waving his arms to attract their attention.

He tapped his forehead with a distressful forefinger, to convey his opinion that the widow Jules Giry was most certainly mad, a piece of pantomime which confirmed M. Richard in his determination to get rid of an inspector who kept a lunatic in his service. Meanwhile, the worthy lady went on about her ghost, now painting his generosity:. Only, since people have begun to annoy him again, he gives me nothing at all. Giry tossed the feathers in her dingy hat at this persistent familiarity, "excuse me, how does the ghost manage to give you your two francs?

I find them with the program, which I always give him. Some evenings, I find flowers in the box, a rose that must have dropped from his lady's bodice That's one of the ghost's pretty thoughts. When Mme. Giry had bowed herself out, with the dignity that never deserted her, the manager told the inspector that they had decided to dispense with that old madwoman's services; and, when he had gone in his turn, they instructed the acting-manager to make up the inspector's accounts.

Left alone, the managers told each other of the idea which they both had in mind, which was that they should look into that little matter of Box Five themselves. Christine Daae, owing to intrigues to which I will return later, did not immediately continue her triumph at the Opera. After the famous gala night, she sang once at the Duchess de Zurich's; but this was the last occasion on which she was heard in private. She refused, without plausible excuse, to appear at a charity concert to which she had promised her assistance. She acted throughout as though she were no longer the mistress of her own destiny and as though she feared a fresh triumph.

She knew that the Comte de Chagny, to please his brother, had done his best on her behalf with M.

Quiet awkward

Richard; and she wrote to thank him and also to ask him to cease speaking in her favor. Her reason for this curious attitude was never known.

Some pretended that it was due to overweening pride; others spoke of her heavenly modesty. But people on the stage are not so modest as all that; and I think that I shall not be far from the truth if I ascribe her action simply to fear. Yes, I believe that Christine Daae was frightened by what had happened to her. I have a letter of Christine's it forms part of the Persian's collection , relating to this period, which suggests a feeling of absolute dismay:. She showed herself nowhere; and the Vicomte de Chagny tried in vain to meet her. He wrote to her, asking to call upon her, but despaired of receiving a reply when, one morning, she sent him the following note:.

I have not forgotten the little boy who went into the sea to rescue my scarf. I feel that I must write to you to-day, when I am going to Perros, in fulfilment of a sacred duty.

To-morrow is the anniversary of the death of my poor father, whom you knew and who was very fond of you. He is buried there, with his violin, in the graveyard of the little church, at the bottom of the slope where we used to play as children, beside the road where, when we were a little bigger, we said good-by for the last time. The Vicomte de Chagny hurriedly consulted a railway guide, dressed as quickly as he could, wrote a few lines for his valet to take to his brother and jumped into a cab which brought him to the Gare Montparnasse just in time to miss the morning train.

He spent a dismal day in town and did not recover his spirits until the evening, when he was seated in his compartment in the Brittany express.

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He read Christine's note over and over again, smelling its perfume, recalling the sweet pictures of his childhood, and spent the rest of that tedious night journey in feverish dreams that began and ended with Christine Daae. Day was breaking when he alighted at Lannion. He hurried to the diligence for Perros-Guirec. He was the only passenger. He questioned the driver and learned that, on the evening of the previous day, a young lady who looked like a Parisian had gone to Perros and put up at the inn known as the Setting Sun.

The nearer he drew to her, the more fondly he remembered the story of the little Swedish singer. Most of the details are still unknown to the public. There was once, in a little market-town not far from Upsala, a peasant who lived there with his family, digging the earth during the week and singing in the choir on Sundays. This peasant had a little daughter to whom he taught the musical alphabet before she knew how to read. Daae's father was a great musician, perhaps without knowing it. Not a fiddler throughout the length and breadth of Scandinavia played as he did.