Investment Timing and the Business Cycle (Frontiers in Finance Series)

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Yield Curve Spread. Industrial Production.

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Seasonality in the Asian Equity Markets. The Yield Curve and the Growth Cycle.

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Corporate Profits. Inventories Monetary Policy and Corporate Profits. Methodology and Framework. Growth and InterestSensitive Sectors. Nominal versus Real Interest Rates. Treasury Underperforms volatility yield curve. Dominique Guegan, Matthieu Garcin. Extreme values of random or chaotic discretization steps and connected networks.

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An econometric Study for Vine Copulas. International Journal of Economics and Finance , , 2 5 , pp. An efficient threshold choice for operational risk capital computation. The Journal of Operational Risk , , 6 4 , pp. Missing trader fraud on the emissions market. Journal of Financial Crime , Emerald, , 18 2 , pp. Portfolio Symmetry and Momentum. European Journal of Operational Research , Elsevier, , 3 , pp. Dominique Guegan, Jing Zhang. Change analysis of a dynamic copula for measuring dependence in multivariate financial data.

Note on new prospects on vines. Effect of noise filtering on predictions: on the routes of chaos.

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Brussels Economics Review , , 53 2 , pp. GDP nowcasting with ragged-edge data: a semi-parametric modeling. Journal of Forecasting , Wiley, , 29 , pp. Martingalized Historical approach for Option Pricing. Finance Research Letters , Elsevier, , 7 1 , pp. Dominique Guegan, Patrick Rakotomarolahy. Economics Bulletin , Economics Bulletin, , 30 1 , pp. Cyril Caillault, Dominique Guegan. Frontiers in finance and economics , , 6 1 , pp. A modified Panjer algorithm for operational risk capital calculations.

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Real business-cycle theory

An empirical investigation. Flexible time series models for subjective distribution estimation with monetary policy in view. Diongue Abdou Ka, Dominique Guegan. Jing Zhang, Dominique Guegan. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics , Elsevier, , 42 3 , pp. Laurent Ferrara, Dominique Guegan. Business surveys modelling with Seasonal-Cyclical Long Memory models. Economics Bulletin , Economics Bulletin, , 3 29 , pp. Statistics and Probability Letters , Elsevier, , 77 11 , pp. Dominique Guegan, Julien Houdain. Hedging tranches index products : illustration of model dependency.

The Icfai Journal of derivatives markets , , 4, pp. Nicolas Huck, Dominique Guegan. On the use of nearest neighbors in finance. Economic Letters , , 86, pp. How can we define the concept of long memory? An econometric survey,. Dominique Guegan, Kebira Hoummyia. De-noising with wavelets method in chaotic time series: application in climatology, energy and finance. International Financial Markets, Inst. And Money , , 15, pp.

Application to Asian Markets. Raymond Brummelhuis, Dominique Guegan.

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Multi-period conditional distribution functions for heteroscedastic models with applications to VaR.. Dominique Guegan, Ludovic Mercier. Prediction in Chaotic Time series : Methods and Comparisons with an application to financial intra day data. Dominique Guegan, Laurent Ferrara.

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