Modernizing the Federal Government: Paying for Performance (Occasional Paper)

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Can we purchase e-Books for training materials i. We can pay for e-books, but they need to be included on the SF, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training form as an authorized expenditure for the training. The form shall be signed by the authorized official. Books and training materials paid for using government funds are considered a government property and need to be kept in the office. As a general rule, without specific statutory authority, government funds are not available for personal expenses.

Facial Tissues are considered a personal convenience item and cannot be purchased.


Can we accept free food offer from the hotel as part of the conference room rental? We are not authorized to use government funds to purchase electrolyte drinks because they are considered a personal convenience item. Providing potable water is arguably required under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA regulations and is permissible to purchase with government funds under the exceptions recognized by the Comptroller General decisions.

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Electrolyte drinks are beyond what is standard or reasonable to furnish and therefore cannot be paid for using public funds. Can we procure non-monetary recognition or promotional items? To comply with the EO and USDA policies, each program shall ensure non-monetary recognition and promotional items are procured within the guidelines identified below. Promotional Items — Promotional items can be procured if the distribution of the items will help further the mission of the agency and contribute materially to the effective accomplishment of an authorized function.

While EO does not prohibit agencies from purchasing items where otherwise authorized, it directs agencies to limit such purchases, in particular where they are not cost-effective.

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Purchase of promotional items may be permissible when all of the following criteria are met:. Section 1. My Administration is committed to cutting waste in Federal Government spending and identifying opportunities to promote efficient and effective spending. Extraneous Promotional Items. Agencies should limit the purchase of promotional items e. Error: Javascript is disabled in this browser. This page requires Javascript. Modify your browser's settings to allow Javascript to execute. See your browser's documentation for specific instructions.

Business Services. Can we purchase holiday decorations for the office? Can we purchase business cards? Can we purchase bottled water? Can we make an advance payment? Can we purchase personal convenience items? Can we purchase hand sanitizers? Can we purchase planners and inserts?

Where Does the Federal Government Get All That Money?

Can we pay for a membership fee? Can we pay for medical expenses flu shots, etc? Can we pay for professional liability insurance?

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Can we pay for federal personnel travel in this fiscal year with next fiscal year funds? Can the government funds be used to pay a fine? Can we purchase air purifiers for the office? Can we purchase paper towels and facial tissues? Can we purchase electrolyte drinks?

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Answer No. Answer It depends. Answer Yes. The justification needs to include the following information: Reason and circumstance for providing bottled drinking water to staff. Is there a source for drinking water in the area A description of the special non-ordinary climate conditions that will affect the performance and health of staff in the performance of their assigned project or task.

Effect of assigned tasks to employees, which makes it necessary to provide water including length of time i.


Number of employees involved with the project that will consume water. The cost of bottled water for the duration of a particular event, and how many bottles of water will be procured. What kind of internal controls are in place locally to protect the agency against potential fraud, waste, and misuse of government funds associated with the purchase Who will be procuring bottled water, if the purchase card will be used 5.

There are two exceptions: 1. The justification needs to include the following information: 1. Describe the appliance to be purchased and its intended use and location. The appliance is for an office locations where there is a central kitchen facility or common area authorized for use by multiple employees; 3. If the purchase card will be used, please provide the cardholder's name Can we pay for federal personnel travel in this fiscal year with next fiscal year funds Answer No.

Answer Please see question 22 for answers. Other situations that the government funds cannot be used to pay a fine: We cannot use government funds to pay for a parking ticket. NA If he can, indeed, transport others, what are the ramifications for the Government in the event of an auto accident? Here are some examples of allowable and disallowable expenses: B Protective footwear for DEA agents temporarily assigned to jungle environments.

Footwear remains the property of agency. Allowable B Down-filled parkas for employees on temporary assignment to Alaska in winter. Reasoning: employees are not expected to own clothing for extreme environments considered to be hazardous. Allowable B Raincoats, umbrellas and rubber boots for employees in frequently inclement weather. Reasoning: raingear items are not special equipment but are personal items that the employee must furnish.

Disallowable B Clothing purchased while on TDY as a result of unanticipated extensions of travel. Clothing is considered a personal expense; employee retains clothing an receives primary benefit. Disallowable B Running shoes for Department of Energy nuclear materials couriers.

Reasoning: considered a personal expense. Couriers were required to pass quarterly fitness tests.

Disallowable B Business suits for agency chauffeurs. Suits do not qualify as uniforms; government employees are responsible for reporting to duty properly attired according to the requirements of their position. Disallowable B Insulated coveralls for employees who work outside in cold temperatures. Worksite provides heated shelters and frequent breaks so work was not considered to be hazardous.

To recruit and retain a skilled workforce, the federal pay system may need to be reexamined. In this testimony, we discussed strategies high-performing organizations use to design pay systems, such as ensuring pay decisions are transpare So, the government needs to recruit and retain the next generation of workers.