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It's a great tool if you're running a BookBub ad or any other custom price promotion in any country. Access the new feature from your Dashboard.


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. August 15, - Smashwords today announced Special Deals , a new automated merchandising tool for the Smashwords Store. The feature is live today. Read all about it over at the Smashwords Blog. Have fun and tell a friend! Some users will be receiving an automated email from our epubcheck system.

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If it was successful, you can safely ignore it. Otherwise, please contact our service team and we can try to assist you in updating your DOC file source. July 31, - When a reader reads you for the first time, that first read is the first step of many along a long term relationship-building path. Your goal is to turn readers into fans, and fans into superfans. A superfan will propel your career forward for decades to come because they're the readers who will buy all your books sight unseen.

They're the readers who leave five-star reviews, order your book on preorder, and who drive enthusiastic word-of-mouth for your books and author brand. They're less price-sensitive because they trust you'll provide them a great read. For this week's Publishers Weekly, I wrote a short column on the steps writers can take and avoid as you work to earn and deserve the reader's trust and admiration - How Indie Authors Can Cultivate Superfans.

July 25, - Scammers are using using Smashwords book reviews to make marketing solicitations to authors. If you receive this message, we advise you do not respond to the solicitation.

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If you have already responded, and if you've had any correspondence with this service or services, please alert the Smashwords service team by copying the full text of your email thread with the scammer into the Smashwords support form which you can access by clicking the "? If you're able, activate your email's "full headers" feature so we can better track the perpetrators of this scam.

An example of the scam message appearing in recent days on several book reviews is, "Hi, I would like to promote your Smashwords book for free to my list of newsletter subscribers. If that is fine by you please email me at [redacted] to book your spot, thanks. June 23, - The Smashwords Survey is out!!! View the slides and data at the Smashwords Blog. Enroll here. The sale kicks off July 1 and ends July There's also a short post about it over at the Smashwords blog.

Effective this week, we are shipping updates and new books to them every hour, 24X7. Previously they only accepted once-daily shipments, Monday through Friday. They've made a number of incremental improvements over the last few years that have led to much faster deliveries and book listings. This is yet another incremental improvement that will allow them to start processing our books faster so you can start pleasing their customers sooner. Most books should appear there within two business days of delivery.

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As a reference point, back in the early days and , shipments for most retailers were once a week and it wasn't uncommon for some large retailers to take several weeks or longer to get the book live. March 31, - Tomorrow is April 1, which means it's April Fools day. I was planning to write a fictional spoof about Amazon secretly firing their entire Kindle customer service team in India and replacing them with ill-tempered robots but no one noticed , enhanced with real KDP support team email communications.

It would have been fun but I'm not doing it. I explain why over at the Smashwords Blog. In a nutshell, I think there's enough fake news out there already and I don't want to add to it on the one day per year where such fake news trickery is somewhat acceptable. So rest easy. No tricks tomorrow, and that's the truth!

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Have a great weekend everyone. March 28, - The library ebook market is growing. This week for Publishers Weekly I wrote a column that shares five tips on how to market your ebooks to libraries. Check out the article here and please share with your author friends. At Smashwords, we love libraries and we love librarians.

The article provides authors a peek inside the curation challenges faced by librarians, and offers ideas to help you get your books in the door. February 28, - Read an Ebook Week kicks off this Sunday. The promotion is covered over at the Smashwords Blog and will also be promoted to over one million customers of the Smashwords Store. But more importantly, it will be promoted by participating authors. The more authors who promote it, the more readers that will discover fabulous books by other participating authors. February 24, - We had a database connectivity issue this afternoon, which caused some books to not appear in users' dashboards.

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If you were struck by this issue, and ended up attempting to publish your book multiple times, please check for, and unpublish, any duplicates! Thanks and sorry for the confusion! I'll do a keynote on 10 Trends impacting the future of publishing and then will follow that with three workshops on ebook publishing Introduction to..

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February 2, - Smashwords today announced a distribution deal with Bibliotheca CloudLibrary that will add 3, more public libraries to our distribution network. Learn more over at the Smashwords Blog. First shipments will begin in about one week with first titles appearing in their platform within three weeks.

Given the scale of our catalog it may take two or three months for them to onboard all the titles. All non-erotica Premium Catalog titles will flow automatically. Of course any authors who've chosen to opt out of all new channels or who wish to opt out not recommended! With the addition of CloudLibrary, Smashwords builds on our leadership in the library ebook space.

We love libraries because libraries are engines for author discovery, and library patrons buy a lot of books at retail! February 1, - tax forms were loaded yesterday find them at Account: Tax Documents though they were mislabeled as for By late last night, the issue was fixed for most authors and publishers but there are still a few lingering forms that await repair.

We should have it fully rectified in the next few hours. Thank you to our eagle-eyed authors who alerted us immediately, and please accept our apologies for any confusion this caused. January 22, - Quarterly payments went out Friday.

We made this change ahead of our other big news for February - our move to monthly payments as previewed in my year in review post a few weeks ago. We hope you enjoy our faster payments! December 31, - Happy New Year's Eve! As this crazy year comes to a close, I want to give a big thanks to Smashwords authors, publishers, retailers, library partners, readers, industry friends and Smashwords team members. As is annual tradition around here, today I published my publishing industry predictions as well as our Smashwords Year in Review. Two posts over at the Smashwords blog.

Enjoy and share! Please have a safe holiday weekend. We'll see you in ! December 19, - Learn how to do a beta reader round for your next release. I wrote a how-to article for Publishers Weekly. December 2, - Holiday release planning for Kobo. Similar to iBooks see October 31 update below , Kobo also goes into a relative lockdown mode during the holidays in which new books and metadata updates cannot be processed. For Kobo, they will not accept new title deliveries or metadata updates between December 19 and December This means that all final manuscripts for preorders that go on sale during or near these dates, and all desired uploads and prices changes should be delivered to Smashwords by Friday morning Pacific time December 16 to be safe if not before.

During holiday periods it's always smart to deliver in advance of stated deadlines. November 21, - Tip of the day - Now is a great time to look at your calendar for and get all your planned releases up on assetless preorder today. With an assetless preorder, you establish the preorder listing without a manuscript. You don't have to deliver the final manuscript to Smashwords until 10 days before release, and if you need to shift your release date earlier or later, you can always do that self-serve from your Dashboard. Books born as preorders sell more copies because preorders enable more effective advance marketing.

Learn more about assetless preorders here. October 31, - Holiday release planning for iBooks. Each year around the holidays, retailers usually implement special delivery deadlines for new releases. Apple informs us that for all release dates between December 18 to 31, , iBooks' stated delivery deadline is Monday, December 12, PST.

To be safe, this means if you have a release planned during this window, plan to upload your final manuscript by Friday, December 9.