Time-of-Flight and Structured Light Depth Cameras: Technology and Applications

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A general term for these projection patterns is Structured Light. When the output projection pattern is compared with the reflected pattern, it is possible to use different algorithms to calculate the change in the phase of light, which in turn is used to determine the time for the light path — or the distance. We can design, prototype and manufacture DOEs for output projection patterns. We can work with designs that we have made, or designs provided by our clients. The number of applications that require depth information of the environment are many.

Face recognition, self-driving cars and machine vision are some popular application areas for Time of Flight devices. Time of Flight ToF. What is Time-of-Flight?

Computational imaging with multi-camera time-of-flight systems (SIGGRAPH 2016 Presentation)

ToF - Time of Flight and how we can help. Use of ToF - Time-of-Flight. Specifications Publisher Springer International Publishing. Customer Reviews. Write a review.

Time-of-Flight (TOF) Assisted Structured Light Imaging - TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED

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Shop Our Brands. All Rights Reserved. This makes it possible to think of a ToF camera as a complex-valued generalization of a traditional camera, onto which practically any conventional vision algorithm or imaging technique can be brought to bare. These images are guaranteed to be free of multi-path interference even in very general settings eg.

We also demonstarted an ability to parse light transport , ie.

Kutulakos and Wolfgang Heidrich Proc. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conf.

Matthew P. Kutulakos Proc. ACM Siggraph , These complex interactions are a major element of visual appearance but have been widely considered too hard to analyze computationally. Starting around , I published a series of papers on the theoretical and algorithmic foundations of analyzing light transport in several settingsfrom simple diffuse scenes ICCV to complex transparent ones ICCV , IJCV Epipolar Time-of-Flight Imaging.

Kutulakos and Srinivasa Narasimhan Proc. Winner, Best Student Paper Award.

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Chia-Yin Tsai, Kiriakos N. Pattern Anal. Machine Intell. Kiriakos N. Kutulakos ACM Comm. Winner, Best Paper Honorable Mention. Kutulakos and Ramesh Raskar Proc. Nigel J. Morris and Kiriakos N. O'Toole and Kiriakos N. ACM Siggraph Asia , Ivo Ihrke, Kiriakos N. Kutulakos, Hendrik P. Lensch, Marcus A. Eron Steger and Kiriakos N.

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Kutulakos Int. Computer Vision , vol. David Marr Prize Special Issue. Samuel W. Hasinoff and Kiriakos N. Steven M. Seitz, Yasuyuki Matsushita and Kiriakos N. One particular class of such techniques arises from a novel re-thinking of the photographic process: Instead of capturing one photo of a subject, the photographer specifies some target constraints e. A key result stemming from this work was to establish the potential performance advantage of focal-stack photography: much research in computational photography has been devoted to designing new computational cameras that seek to boost optical performance.

Our performance analysis in ICCV showed that by capturing an optimally-chosen focal stack, the conventional camera becomes competitive with the best of these designs, approaching fundamental optical bounds that cannot be breached. More recently, I have been interested in the use of optical aberrations for photography and defocus analysis ICCP , ACCV , as well on advanced sensing methods for acquiring "physically impossible" photos, that cannot be acquired in one shot with conventional imaging devices see papers listed under light transport analysis and time-of-flight imaging.

Rolling Shutter Imaging on the Electric Grid. Kutulakos and Liang Shen Proc. Huixuan Tang and Kiriakos N. Asian Conf. Kutulakos and Samuel W.